They prefer their own kind

By Louise Joubert Published in “Animaltalk” Sadly tree squirrels are some of the most abused “pets” in South Africa.  Taken from the wild deliberately or removed from their captive parents forcefully hundreds are sold by unethical pet shops and animal traders.  Knowingly their “owners” claiming that they “love” their “pets” condemn the unfortunate creatures to a … Continue reading They prefer their own kind

Bandit and the Mongoose Man

by Louise Joubert Published in “Animaltalk” Banded mongoose make terrible pets!  Endearing and cute when they are small pups many people make the mistake of chosing them believing they will make adorable pets.  Abused and neglected; sometimes dump like a piece of garbage, these unfortunate wild animals need specialised and costly rehabilitation to return them … Continue reading Bandit and the Mongoose Man