The SanWild Wildlife Trust is a registered South African non-profit animal welfare organisation. We are also registered as a Public Benefit Organisation which means that all donations within South Africa is fully tax deductible. We receive no government funding, neither are we supported or funded on a regular basis by any other animal welfare or conservation organisations.

Our project is totally reliant on the goodwill and generosity of ordinary people that have helped us build and grow the only wildlife reserve in the world that is held in trust for the benefit of the rescued animals that live in the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary.  

The only beneficiaries of our Trust are the animals themselves while humans are merely the custodians and managers that run the reserve in the animals’ best interest.

All donations are really appreciated and will be allocated to amongst others emergency rescues, veterinary treatment, post-operative care, rehabilitation costs, general reserve management, counter poaching and K9 protection services.

Donors are encouraged to donate towards a project of their choice and/or our funding appeals. 

Any amount can be donated towards our various on-going and new animal welfare and rescue initiatives.

If you prefer to donate to SanWild by means of a direct banking EFT please email for our banking details.

Once you have made your donation, please email to request your Tax Donation Receipt.

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