With a 12,000 acre wildlife reserve forming part of SanWild’s facilities and serving as a secure release site for our rescued animals, we play a meaningful role in bio-diversity conservation. Our sanctuary offers us the opportunity to launch and host specialised conservation projects that focus on endangered species, giving us valuable insight into developing successful conservation models that can be implemented elsewhere on the continent. 

One of the biggest challenges facing conservation projects throughout the world is finding sustainable sources to fund them. A lot of good, smaller initiatives fall by the wayside due to their donor funds drying up. Donor fatigue is a real factor that a lot of non profit organisations are faced with and it is with this phenomena in hand that we embarked on our mission to think out of the box and develop self sustainable projects that can fund our and other conservation initiatives well into the future. 

Our approach to stand back and review all the challenges and shortcomings in the wildlife industry have highlighted a few shortcomings in South Africa's conservation framework that need to be strengthened to secure an ethical future for our natural heritage. With this in mind we have started plans for the World's first Wildlife Training Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre that will facilitate local and international final year veterinary students from universities from around the globe. We have also set out to develop the first ever professional training program for wildlife rehabilitation that can be formally recognised as a para-veterinary service for students interested in a career in wildlife rehabilitation. This facility will not only play a meaningful role in research, education and offering a much needed service for injured wildlife from both commercial and non commercial game farms and reserves, but also be in a position to generate funds that will support SanWild and other conservation initiatives financially. 

For these worthy projects to get off the ground and lay the foundations of a self sustainable conservation model we need to raise the seeding capital from donors that want to play a meaningful role in conservation.  

Join us and become part of our projects that will have a lasting impact on conservation…