SanWild is a PRIVATE charitable organization

The SanWild Private Wildlife Trust was established in 2000. The only beneficiaries of the Trust is the animals, the Trustees are merely the custodians; the animals own the land! One of our main objectives was to provide a Private protected wildlife sanctuary where rescued animals could be returned into the wild to live their lives and raise their young.

Today the  SanWild Private Wildlife Sanctuary, spanning just over 2600 hectares, play a meaningful role in wildlife conservation in a country where poaching & unethical hunting pose a major threat to ethical and bio-diversity conservation.

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

At SanWild we have a proven track record of successfully rehabilitating and releasing wild animals into a private protected sanctuary where they can be monitored until they are completely self-reliant. 

SanWild provides a free emergency wildlife rescue service whenever and wherever a wild animal is in need. Although we are based in Limpopo, we rescue animals and work closely with veterinarians across all the provinces of South Africa.

With the help of international charities and authorities, we also participated in international rescue missions and have successfully relocated indigenous African animals from afar afield as France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.Our criteria is quite simple; if an animal is in need, we will respond wherever possible irrespective of the specie’s conservation status or importance. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis. 

Wherever possible we will arrange that the animal be treated and released in the area that it came from, but in cases where there is an on-going danger to the animal, it will be relocated to the safety of the SanWild Private Wildlife Sanctuary or any other suitable wildlife sanctuary where it can be accommodated. 


If you need help to rescue an animal, please feel free to call SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary on +27 64 504 6097 

The local Letaba SPCA can also be contacted on:  +27 72 379 3207 (Ellie Potgieter)

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