Featured below are the SanWild lions rescued from lion breeding farms and trophy hunting in South Africa. All the rescued animals live in their respective prides in large natural habitat enclosures . The males have all had vasectomies and no breeding is allowed. Because they were born and kept in captivity they cannot hunt for themselves and need to be fed by the SanWild carers.

The lions have been listed below in the 3 different natural enclosures that they are currently in.

Adopt a lion for a once off fee of $50/$100 or $150

Your donation will be allocated towards our monthly costs to care for your lion ie: Lion food, veterinary care and much needed security. You will receive the following for your donation:

  • Printable Adoption certificate
  • Printable Fact Sheet of your lion
  • Stunning printable high res photo of your lion
  • Your name added to our Wall of Lion supporters on our website and shared on our Social pages.


If you or your business adopt a lion for 6 consecutive months or more, we will have your name engraved on a stainless steel plate and put it up at your adopted lion’s enclosure for all of our visitors to see!!!



Grumpy and Stompie

Feeding time for Stompie and Grumpy! Thank you to WillieKieK9 Security for the footage. Check back for updated videos and pictures.


Your help will mean the world to us! Thank you to each and everyone that has supported SanWild and the lions we care for!