Dear SanWild friends,

I trust you all had an amazing Festive Season and I hope, we will all have an amazing new year filled with much love, laughter, loads of luck and many, MANY rescued and cared for animals! 

SanWild is proud to announce, that we have not had any security breach since June 2018 and that is because of the dedication of our amazing Counter Poaching Units. We are extremely proud of them and they are the most valued individuals at SanWild. They are the people on the ground and the people that put their lives at risk each and every day! 

They are the people, who protect those, that cannot protect themselves. Due to our economic climate, South Africa is awash with greedy murderous poachers and kingpins.

We can’t thank these guys enough, for what they are doing for the welfare of the animals at SanWild. These people are their guardian angels, their protectors.

It is a dangerous job, to say the very least and weekly incidents increase. SanWild cannot afford to lose our Counter Poaching Units, we are in desperate need of funds, in ensuring that these guys have everything they need to do their job successfully. 

Whilst we are doing this on a shoe-string budget, the equipment for them to do an effective job is not a nice-to-have. Their salaries are R5000 per month (+-$390). SanWild also provides their food, accommodation, transport, diesel as well as clothing. 

SanWild has now run out of funds, and this is an urgent appeal to you for funding. We did start a campaign last year, but our donations only cover about 10% of our monthly overheads. Our backs are against the wall and these CPU’s are the lifeblood of our sanctuary. 

It is a WAR out there, make no mistake! We simply must win this war, WE NEED YOU! We have extremely limited resources and cannot fund this, on our own. 

I am pleading to each-and-everyone, to please help us win this war, and fight for what is right! Help us fight, so that your great grandchild may have the privilege to meet a live rhino.

We have some ideas, but we need you to assist us with knowledge, as well as donations. If you can direct us to a company or high net worth individual, who’d consider adopting a unit, or a ranger, kindly let me know urgently. Of course, it is tax deductible and a certificate will be provided to the company or individual. We are prepared to look at advertising our sponsor’s details.

If there are companies, or individuals out there, that would like to sponsor a ranger every month, or just make an ad hoc donation towards their needs, kindly click on the PayPal link below or if you would prefer to do an EFT, please find banking details below:

ABSA bank
Branch CODE: 632005
Account number: 9111 22 1180
Should you do an EFT, use CPU as reference and please let us know if you did a EFT, so we can thank you personally. 

No donation is too small, every cent helps.