Drought relief

It is the worst drought to hit the region in 85 years...

With the onset of the prolonged drought in June 2015 thousands of wild animals fenced into our reserve for their protection against poachers faced an uncertain future as a crippling drought tightened its grip on our reserve, but we continued with your help to fight back to keep the SanWild animals alive and in good physical condition.

We are determined, now more than every to ensure the survival of the animals you have helped us rescue.
Many of our rescued animals have stories to tell of hardship, pain and suffering, but against overwhelming odds they survived and found a new life in the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary where they could once again learn to trust and not fear man and we have no intention to allow this natural disaster to get the better of our minds, our hearts and our animals. Together we have invested way too many emotions, time and love into helping the SanWild animals find a new, peaceful and happy life in a sometimes cruel and uncaring world.

Natural events unfortunately are difficult to predict and impossible to control. In 2015 all indications were that we would have to deal with the worst drought to hit our region in 85 years; along with the highest temperatures recorded in 121 year or prepare ourselves emotionally for a mass-die-off of the animals we worked so hard to save.

Together, however we met the challenge head-on, we continue to push ahead fighting off feelings of despair, heart ache and depression. We held our heads high and trusted God to bring the help we needed. We pleaded on behalf of our animals with whoever was willing to listen. Funding appeal after funding appeal was sent out and many great people opened their hearts and purses and ensured that every day we could provide enough food and water to sustain the many hungry animals depending on our support. Animals that would have died had it not been for the overwhelming support we got from the public.

Although we had hoped for a normal rain season to return at the end of 2017, it is still not to be and today, at the end of 2018 all indications are that we will be in for yet another year of having to fight with all we have, to keep SanWild’s animals alive. The feeling of despair is tangible and it takes every bit of courage to remain positive for the animals that are totally dependent of our help to survive.

Without your support we simply cannot meet the growing financial challenges and we will need your on-going donations to prevent a mass die off of rescued wildlife and we will be extremely grateful for any donation no matter how big or small.

Donations can be made via PayPal or Zapper at the bottom of the page. If you need more information or would like banking details to effect an electronic banking transfer please email [email protected] or phone her on +27 83 459 4913.