In Memory of Louise Joubert


I would like to dedicate this  page of our website to this amazing woman, my mom, who was the Founder of SanWild. 

Together with all her loyal supporters, friends and family, SanWild is what it is today, a safe haven for so many rescued animals that have found their forever home on the land that belongs to the animals.

Taking on the responsibility of rescuing wild animals in need and providing a safe home where they could be given a 2nd chance certainly has been a difficult road with many uphill battles.

However, the support of so many loving, caring people that shared Louise’s dream and made it their own, gave Louise her ability to remain determined to continue to strive to make this world a better place for at least some wild animals. At SanWild we believe animals soon learn to trust again and not to fear persecution from mankind.

Louise had an unlimited love for all animals but made it her life’s work to help wild animals in particular.
Louise set up the SanWild Wildlife Trust in 2000 to protect the land and animals already rescued and under her care and then, the unthinkable happened…


This is a transcript of my Facebook post on 24th April 2018.

“Today my heart is shattered in a million pieces…where my heart was is an empty painful hole. The phone call that I dreaded every day ..happened yesterday afternoon at 17:30 – the call to say, my mom, Louise Joubert was killed in a tragic accident. This world lost an amazing woman, a woman that spent all her time fighting for the rights of those that can not speak themselves. How can one even replace this wonderful woman. Everything seems very unreal to me at the moment and I am hoping each minute to get that call from her regarding another pangolin she saved and the joy in her voice saving yet another animal soul…..what she lived for. How unfair do I feel this world is today…taking my mom from me…from all the animals. At least she will be remembered as an amazing animal ambassador and a mom that was always there for me…..just wish I could have been there for you yesterday mom…..RIP mom…
I will try my best to keep SanWild up and running. Love you always..Lizel Kachelhoffer”

This is a promise we at SanWild will honour and in memory of Louise Joubert, her legacy will continue to reign over SanWild. 

 Read one of the articles in SA People on Louise Jouberts’s death:  click here 


If you would like to donate towards our Wildlife Fund in Memory of Louise please click on the picture above to be directed to PayPal. All donations will be greatly appreciated. These donations will help with the day to day running costs of the wildlife Sanctuary.