In Loving Memory of Louise Joubert


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Would you like to get your hands on these one of a kind ,bespoke rhino themed statement necklaces by Osofree jewelry? Well…. They are up for grabs !

This heavenly necklace is dedicated to my dear mother Louise Joubert and Founder of SanWild, who passed away last year April.
It is elegant yet bold in pleasing ethereal colors and represents all that mum stood for.

The focal unit of this statement piece is made up of large laser cut wooden angel wings with a geometric brass rhino centrepiece and several semiprecious stone beads such as amazonite, agate and freshwater pearls.the tassels and hand-carved feather shaped abalong shell wings represent my mother’s love for birds as well.

All proceeds go towards the conservation of rhinos at SanWild

a Special thanks to Hester Bergh-Appoyer for arranging this amazing piece for SanWild.