The need for protected wildlife sanctuaries

By Louise Joubert

With a growing human population already exceeding 7 billion it is not that difficult to understand that our planet is in serious trouble.  Daily news, weather reports, scientific journals and other media constantly highlight the effects humans have on our planet.  More and more wild animals are pushed out of their natural home ranges and the habitats on which they depend are increasingly destroyed. The bottom line being that when it comes to the needs of mankind wild creatures have little hope or guarantee that a man will ensure that they have their little place in the sun.

Like the three little monkeys there are those people who choose to not see, hear or speak about how difficult it has become for wild animals to survive in a modern world.  These people choose to remain blind and oblivious to wild animals needs; some may choose to ignore the inner voice telling them to intervene or telling them their actions and daily decision are resulting in the demise of entire species.  But let’s for a moment leave this group of humans behind.  Some of them may be so hell-bent on total destruction of the natural world for commercial gain that they have gone deaf a long time ago; no good wasting good efforts on them!

Let’s image a perfect world.  In this perfect world wild animals would be appreciated for their beauty, the joy they can bring to a human’s life and their intrinsic value.  Unfortunately like Cloud 9 this perfect world no longer exist, so let’s rather look at a less than perfect world where human populations can again be divided in 3 categories.

This group of humans can be divided into a group that make things happen (movers and shakers for wildlife), those that watch things happen (all-talk and no-action) and then off course those that wonder what the hell happened when it is all too late and yet another species is lost or the last remaining animals slaughtered by uncaring humans.  Not even when the last wild places are gone will it bother any of them.

In whatever category you find yourself is your own personal choice, but we all have to acknowledge that should we choose to leave a future (that will include at least some pristine wilderness with at least some wild creatures) for the next generations some serious mindsets and attitudes need to change urgently.

Here at SanWild we have chosen to do our best to fall into the category of humans that believe it essential to make things happen to ensure that a future remains for wild animals and humans alike – even if we can only apply our efforts to a small piece of land under the African skies.  We want to ensure that at least some wild animals have their place under the sun; a place that they can call home and a place where they can once again learn to trust and not fear man.


We have chosen to purchase land to ensure the effective protection of wildlife habitats and by doing so, protect the wild creatures that live upon the land.  In an uncaring world, we have decided to care and provide a protected wildlife sanctuary

It is really up to you to decide where you would like to be; what type of person you choose to be?  One thing we can assure you that by taking our dream and making it your own you will have the pleasure in seeing a small place in the sun grow and prosper ensuring the survival of thousands of wild animals that simply have no other place to call home.

We would like to invite you to join SanWild to become the RightKind for WildKind.