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Business Opportunity

The SanWild Wildlife Trust is actively seeking a Business Partner or Sponsor to develop a Specialist Wildlife Veterinary and Rehabilitation Training Facility in the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary and we invite all interest parties to contact us by email [email protected] to further explore the opportunities and investment needed.

This opportunity will be ideally suited to a Qualified Veterinarian, Corporate Sponsorship and/or Social Responsibility Program, an International University and/or Conservation Body.


It is our vision to establish the first ever; leading and internationally recognized, Specialist Wildlife Veterinary and Rehabilitation Training Facility in Africa.


It is our mission to pursue excellence in our core functions of research and teaching for the advancement of knowledge to conserve and protect our wildlife heritage for future generations through a unique training facility that use quality, relevance, diversity and self-sustainability as it’s navigational markers.


We believe that:

Our community of scholars must be selected on the basis of intellectual merit, ability, and the potential for excellence; and that
Differing perspectives, arising from diverse backgrounds, histories and nationalities will deepen scholarly inquiry and enrich academic debate.

We cherish:

Academic freedom, creative and innovative thought, ethical standards and integrity, accountability and social justice; and
Our staff and students as the training facility’s core asset.

We foster:

An inquiry‐led and evidence‐based approach to creating knowledge; and
Academic citizenship, whereby we commit ourselves to harnessing our intellectual abilities in the interest of the advancement our humanity.

We recognize that:

In a resource‐constrained world where vast disparities remain, the facility must endeavor to produce graduates who appreciate the importance of community service, entrepreneurial development and innovative actions that can contribute towards generating employment opportunities in our local communities.

Specializing in wildlife veterinary science, research as well as emergency wild animal rescue and rehabilitation this desperately needed training facility will be world-class and the first of its kind in the world. The facility will, once completed offer training and practical experience opportunities to both local and international students.

Onderstepoort is a South African veterinary training facility based outside Tshwane. Although well-known and internationally recognized the facility does not offer specialized Wildlife Veterinary or Rehabilitation training courses.

Once local or international veterinarians have qualified it is up to them to gain the necessary practical wildlife experience by either doing an internship or volunteer with a specialized wildlife veterinarian while doing their training. Wildlife rehabilitation that could and should play a meaningful role in conservation is not recognized as a Para-veterinary profession and no training facility or opportunities exist.

Fortunately the South African Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation is currently being developed by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and will be put forward for consideration by a National Wildlife Rehabilitation Council and the Department of Environmental Affairs for inclusion into legislation. Unfortunately the absence of accepted norms and standards and professional training has resulted in wildlife rehabilitation in many instances being abused and exploited as a front for illegal breeding and trading of wildlife species.

In addition to specializing in wildlife veterinary and rehabilitation training and research the facility will include a Community Outreach Animal Welfare Clinic and mobile unit to serve previously disadvantaged and poor communities.

To ensure the effective protection of staff and animals (in particular injured or orphaned rhinos) the facility will also include an Ops (Operations) Control Centre for professional counter poaching operatives and a rapid response unit that will deploy in the area to combat rhino and other poaching.

Click on the image below to view the PDF version of the Projected GROUND floorplan of the vet clinic

Click on the image below to view the PDF version of the Projected FIRST floorplan of the vet clinic